What if I cannot afford private therapy?

Greenspace recognizes that therapy can be expensive and that not everyone has access to insurance benefits. Depending on your budget and location, one of our case managers may be able to connect you with a therapist that is either low cost or provides services on a sliding scale.

What is a sliding scale?

Sliding scale therapy refers to treatment that is priced by each person's income and dependents. The benefit of a sliding scale arrangement is to make therapy more accessible for individuals who are at a lower income level. Sliding scale fees do vary based on each therapist, however on average can cost up to $100/appointment (approximate). Please note that sliding scale fees typically apply for individuals who do not have access to insurance coverage and not all therapists may offer sliding scale options. 

Additional Resources

If you are not able to afford therapy with a therapist from the Greenspace Matching Program, here is a list of organizations that provide low cost, or in some cases, free therapy in Toronto.

  1. Lower cost therapy services from students in training:
  2. Community Resources:
  3. Low-cost counselling initiatives:
  4. Video counselling:
  5. Online or telephone skill building:

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