What if my therapist is not a good fit?

It is understandable that situations may arise where the therapist you were connected with is not a good fit or what you were hoping for. In these situations, the case management team would be happy to work with you in learning more about your experience and using this information to tailor a more appropriate match. 

Before reaching out

Before reaching out to your case manager and requesting a different therapist, there are a number of items to consider before doing so: 

  • If after attending your first appointment you do not think your therapist is a good fit, please note that the first appointment is typically an initial appointment where the therapist is focused on information gathering. It is usually within the next handful of appointments that the therapist will have the information necessary to develop a treatment plan and utilize therapeutic interventions and techniques.
  • If you have any concerns or feedback for your current therapist as to why you feel it is a not a good fit, it would be recommended to raise these concerns with your current therapist. This will give your current therapist a chance to alter their approach in a manner that you find beneficial. If after voicing your concerns, you feel it remains not to be a good fit, please do reach back out to your case manager for next steps. 

Please note that these are just recommended best practices to help you find a therapist that best suits your needs. If you would like to speak with your case manager regarding a new match, please feel free to do so and your case managers will be more than willing to assist you. 

Within three months

If it has been less than three months since you last completed your intake and you are seeking a new match, please feel free to reach out to your previous case manager or contact support. At this point it may be helpful to provide your case manager with any specific details you would like them to consider when searching for a new therapist for you. 

After three months

If three months has passed since your intake submission, you will be required to complete a new intake questionnaire as your situation may have changed and it is helpful to have an accurate representation to ensure the best match possible. Unfortunately, at the this time, our system only allows one account per email, which means that you will need to create a new account using a different email to complete the intake questionnaire again. 

  • To complete the intake, please click here

If you would like to use your email address that you initially signed up with, please contact your case manager or support to discuss how this can be arranged. 

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