Am I required to schedule an intake call?

Upon completing the intake questionnaire, you are presented with the option of either scheduling an intake call or submitting the online questionnaire on its own. Choosing an intake call is not required, however, there are some circumstances when an intake call is beneficial.

Do I have to schedule an intake call?

After completing the intake questionnaire, your information is securely submitted to Greenspace, and a case manager is assigned to you. 

  • If you select an intake call your assigned Greenspace case manager will call you by phone at the time you have selected.
  • If you do not choose to schedule an intake call, you will be contacted by email within 1-2 business days by your assigned case manager if they require more information, or within 3-5 business days with potential appointment times.

Please note that there are situations where it is beneficial for your case manager to have additional information to ensure they are able to provide the appropriate level of support. In those cases, your case manager may request to schedule an intake call. 

Benefits of an intake call

There are several key benefits of conducting an intake call with a case manager: 

  • A higher likelihood of a compatible match - The intake call allows for your case manager to obtain a more thorough understanding of your current situation and needs. This may be especially helpful in complex cases that require further elaboration. 
  • An opportunity to connect with your case manager.
  • An open and safe place to express your concerns free of judgment.
  • An opportunity to express any preferences you may have for a therapist.
  • An opportunity to ask any questions or seek clarity regarding the matching process and next steps.

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