Reviewing your assessment results

The Results display contains a summary of your assessment results.

Key things to know

  • Assessment results are available immediately after completing an assessment
  • You can see your results in the same format as your therapist and clinic administrators
  • You are also able to see any Event notes created by your therapist, identified as blue dots on the x-axis of every assessment results graph

Results display

Below is an example display of Generalized Anxiety (GAD-7) assessment results from a patient account.

  • The results for each assessment is presented in its own section. The top line indicates the score and severity (if applicable) of the most recent assessment, providing a quick overview of your current status.
  • Each assessment uses its own plot style, in order to most clearly display and articulate the assessment results.
  • The progress graph displays your progress through therapy. Each marker represents a completed assessment and shows the aggregate score and severity for the completed assessment.
  • Below the progress graph is more detailed information on:
    • The individual responses to the most recently completed assessment.
    • The historical trends of the individual responses.
    • A short form interpretation guide for the assessment.

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