I am located outside of the catchment area; what are my options?

Greenspace helps match patients with a therapist within the "Golden Horseshoe" in Southern Ontario, more commonly known as the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). 

Catchment area

Here is a map that displays our catchment area:

Outside of catchment area

If you are not located in this catchment area, you may still be matched with a therapist in our network if you reside in the province of Ontario. We do have a limited number of therapists outside of the GTA, and if you are willing to travel, one of these therapists may be a good fit for you. Please note that this is not guaranteed and is dependent on your location.

Video counselling

Alternatively, we do have therapists in our network who are able to offer video counselling and may be a good fit for your needs. If you are outside of the catchment area and are interested in utilizing video counselling, please let your case manager know.  Please be mindful that some issues may not be appropriate to address over video-counselling wherein your case manager will help you determine what type of support is best. 

Other alternatives

If you are not interested in video-counselling and not able to travel for up to an hour, here are some resources that could assist you in your therapist search:

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