Insurance information

Before connecting you with a therapist through Greenspace's Matching Program, it is important for your case manager to be aware of the details of your insurance coverage. This is important as private therapy is not covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). As sessions can typically range from $100 to $250 per session, it would be helpful to utilize your insurance benefits in order to mitigate costs. 

Where can I find my mental health coverage information?

To determine if you are covered for mental health services, you can:

  • Read your insurance coverage details provided to you by your employer or insurance company (typically found under "Paramedical" services)
  • Contact your HR department or employer
  • Contact the insurance company directly to ask about details pertaining to your plan (be sure to have your insurance number ready)

Once you locate your insurance information, you will be able to determine further details such as the amount of coverage you have per benefit year, which types of therapists are covered through your plan and the amount (or percentage) to which you are covered per session. All of this information can assist you in setting a budget and in determining which type of therapist you would like to be matched with.

What insurance information do we need to know?

While it is beneficial for you to know the exact details of your insurance plan, case managers will require a minimum of at least two pieces of information in order to proceed with a match:

  1. The exact amount of coverage per benefit year (ex, $200, $500, $1000, etc) 
  2. Which therapist type(s) are covered under your insurance plan (ex. Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers).

Once your case manager has this information, they will be able to match you with a therapist that fits your budget while corresponding with your insurance coverage.

What happens if I am matched to a therapist that is not covered by my insurance plan?

If you are not sure of your insurance details and are matched with a therapist who is not covered under your insurance, you will be expected to pay all counselling costs out of pocket. Once you are able to clarify your insurance coverage, please let your case manager know and they can re-match you to a different therapist that is covered by your insurance.

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