What should I expect on the intake call?

The intake call is approximately 10-20 minutes in length and allows you to provide additional information that is relevant to your concerns and reasons for seeking therapy. This article outlines what to expect:

  1. Introduction
  2. Presenting issues and goals for therapy
  3. Practical considerations
  4. Next steps


Your case manager will begin the call by introducing themselves and their role. They will also review the purpose of the call and what to expect during the 10-20 minute conversation. At the beginning of the intake call, your case manager will also review:

  • Confidentiality Policy - Your case manager will review the limits of confidentiality with you, which means that anything you share remains confidential. The only exception is if you indicate that you are in immediate danger of harming yourself or others, unless child or elder abuse is suspected, or otherwise required by law.
  • Immediate safety - Your case manager will also ask whether you are currently at any immediate risk to yourself or others.

Presenting issues and goals for therapy

Your case manager will then proceed by summarizing the main issues raised in the intake questionnaire and will ask you to provide additional context or information that would be helpful in obtaining an accurate representation of your situation:

  • Assessment results - Depending on how you answered intake questionnaire, your case manager may ask you to elaborate further on the scores from your assessment to see if this is an area of concern for you. 

Practical considerations

Afterwards, your case manager will ask a number of logistical questions in order to locate a suitable therapist:

  • Insurance information - Your case manager will confirm the insurance information you provided and will assist you in interpreting your policy if you have any questions.
  • Type of therapist - Your case manager will also review the difference between the therapist types (e.g. social worker, psychotherapist, psychologist) and discuss what may be most suitable for you based on your issues, coverage, and finances.
  • Budget - Based on your coverage and personal finances, your case manager will review your budget and any preferences.
  • Location - Your case manager will also inquire whether you would like a therapist close to your home, work, or if you would prefer video appointments.
  • Means and Distance of Travel - Following this, your case manager will ask about your mode of transportation and how far you are willing to travel. 
  • Availability - Your case manager will then collect the dates and times that are most convenient for you to attend therapy.
  • Other preferences: Lastly, your case manager will inquire to see if you have any other preferences such as gender, approach, or any other characteristics that you feel would contribute to a successful match.

Next Steps 

At the end of the intake call, your case manager will summarize what was discussed and provide you with information regarding next steps: 

  • Selecting a Therapist - Your case manager will proceed by conducting a search of therapists within Greenspace's network of therapists to select a therapist who would be a good fit for you.
  • Securing an Appointment - Your case manager will provide you with potential appointment times from a therapist who has been determined to be a good fit. You can expect to hear from your case manager within 2-5 business days with potential appointment times. 
  • Email Communication - Your case manager will communicate with you by email. It is important to promptly respond to any appointment offers from your case manager as therapists will only hold appointment times for 24-48 business hours once the appointment has been offered.

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